Australian Tourism in Social Networks

I was reading an article today that says that Australia is the most followed global destination in Instagram. I decided to share with you what are the most popular social networks that Australia is using to promote tourism.

1. Twitter
Australia Tourism: Twitter page
With nearly 70,000 followers in Twitter Australia torusim informs about attractive destinations in their Twitter account with regular tweets.

2. Instagram

Australia PAge in Instagram

In Instagram Australia is the most popular destination with nearly 200,000 followers

3. Google +

Many organisations are struggling with getting the high numbers in the Google Social Network but Australia Tourism seems to be doing fine.

Australia Tourism is doing good with Google +

more than 200,000 followers follow Australia in the Google Social Network

Australia Tourism is also big in Facebook.
In Twitter:

In Google+:

EGlobal Travel Media reports that Australia is also using other Asian Social networks such as Weibo and Tudou

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