Michelle Bridges is selling a $200 dollars membership subscription via Facebook

I have seen a couple of ads of Michelle Bridges on Facebook and I was curious about what she is doing. The fitness celebrity of The Biggest Loser is making a lot of money with a membership program that you can join directly from her FB page.

Have a look.

This is the ad and the facebook page.

Michelle Bridges Facebook page

If you click it sends you to the page where you can buy directly from her a membership to her program for around $200. The link to her 12 week body transformation program is:



Michelle has a page with more than half a million followers.

Michelle Bridges Facebook page

I can imagine how good this business is going, just think if only 5% of those followers have bought her susbscription how much money she is making :)

Michelle is paying ads but of course she is also getting the aid of being seen on TV every night.
The address of her page is: https://www.facebook.com/12wbt

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