Internet Explorer 9 for Faster Facebook


Is Microsoft develoing a product to use Facebook better?


At least that is what it looks like.

Microsoft is taking advantage of Facebook and the company of the richest man in the world (Bill Gates) is not only paying advertising to FB but also launching a new product that suits Facebook better.


I saw this ad on my Facebook page today:

I clicked on the ad and I was sent to

I browsed to find more info about Explorer 9 and I found this:

(this is only a copy paste of the features of Internet Explorer 9

If the world is moving towards Facebook so the browsers and Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind.

They promise to be:


The new graphic capabilities and improved performance in Internet Explorer 9 set the stage for immersive and rich experiences. Hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics mean your websites perform like the programs that are installed on your computer. High-definition videos are smooth, graphics are clear and responsive, colors are true, and websites are interactive like never before. With sub-system enhancements like Chakra, the new JavaScript engine, websites and applications load faster and are more responsive. Combine Internet Explorer 9 with the powerful graphics capabilities that Windows 7 has to offer, and you’ll get the best web experience on Windows yet.

Focused on websites

Internet Explorer 9 is designed to bring your websites forward

The new browser frame makes any website shine.

Designed based on what you use most, the navigational controls in Internet Explorer 9 are streamlined and simplified. The back button is larger, the Address bar and search box are combined into one new Address bar, and the multiple menus from previous versions of Internet Explorer are consolidated into a single menu. The result? You’ll only see what’s essential to your browsing experience on the Internet today.

Simplified yet enhanced, the user interface brings sites forward. Characteristics of each website are reflected throughout the browser, allowing you to be more immersed in each site you visit.

See it in action at

Get to your favorite sites faster with Pinned Sites

With Pinned Sites, you can get to your favorite sites directly from the Windows 7 taskbar—without having to open Internet Explorer first.

Pinning a site takes seconds: click the icon to the left of the web address in One Box, or the tab for the website, or the website’s icon on the New Tab page, and then drag it to the taskbar. That’s it. Once a site is pinned, it shows up as its own thumbnail, separate from Internet Explorer. Now all it takes is one click to get to your favorite website.

Each site that’s pinned to the taskbar has a Jump List. Some also have thumbnail preview controls like playing or pausing a video, which you’ll see underneath the thumbnail preview. And some sites you pin have icon overlays, which provide information about the status of a website, such as the number of new messages in your inbox.

By pinning a site, the site is at the center of the experience, not the browser. When a pinned site is launched from the taskbar, the browser frame and navigational controls integrate the site’s icon and primary color, providing an experience that’s tailored to the site you’re viewing.

Surfing and searching—all in one place

With One Box, surfing or searching the web is a snap. You can start typing a web address and AutoComplete anticipates what you’re looking for to help you get to your websites quickly. And because search functionality is integrated into One Box, you don’t have to worry about remembering the full web address—type in familiar terms like “news” or “music” and you can get to the sites you love in a flash.

Trying to locate something on the web? Searching from One Box gives you a quick way to find what you’re looking for. Depending on the search providers you use, as you type words, search suggestions, search results—including visual search results—and headline matches or other relevant suggestions are shown in the drop–down list. Click a suggestion to run the search without having to type any more words. And you can add search providers or change the provider you want to use right from the bottom of the drop–down list as well.

I suspect that the searching functions is designed to increase the usage of their own BING searching engine.

My thoughts are:

  • If the big players are moving towards Facebook that is an indication that all marketers should consider the social network as a marketing tool.
  • Not all companies are as big as Microsoft so it is important to estimate what kind of budget to spend on Facebook Ads.
  • If you want to attract customers you have to be where the crowds are and it seems that the crowds are still on Facebook ( or at least until they get bored?!?)
To advertise or not on Facebook?
  • I always say when I am asked about advertising or not on Facebook (especially for small businesses) you have to consider if that budget will bring you more customers or not. Maybe those dollars could work better spending them in another marketing or advertising strategy. Facebook is tempting but sometimes it won’t bring you more customers (at least straight away)
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