Australia Campaign on Facebook

Australian Tourism is running a very large campaign on Facebook.

Today I got the viral properties of the campaign from my friends on Facebook to later discover that it is a huge campaign.

This is how this Facebook page is described:


The official Facebook page for those who love holidays in Australia. Post your best Aussie snaps to our wall to give us permission to share.

Is the idea to make it a very viral strategy?

Not many FB users know that by sharing and liking it we are contributing to spread the word massively about any particular business on FB.

It looks like this is the idea. By sharing pictures of Australia we will all be spreading the word of this Aussie Page.

The campaign includes paid ads such as the one included on the image below:

I believe this ad would be expensive since it includes the video component.

The URL where you can follow this campaing is:

How many likes would this campaign is aiming for?

So far they have achieved:

3,031,972 likes ยท 74,206 talking about this

What is the budget for this Facebook Marketing Strategy?

After logging out from my FB account I got to see this huge ad of the whole main page of Facebook. So now Facebook is charging big bucks if you want to run a larger campaign on their main page.

I have always wondered why Google was not doing this (including advertising on their main page) and now it looks like Facebook is monetizing the opportunity.

If you have more questions you can contact them at: Email

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