Examples of Suggested & Sponsored Posts

Local Restaurant Advertsing on Facebook in a suggested Post

Suggested post with great engagement | Facebook

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Paying Ads or Getting More Followers? What works better for Facebook

What is more effective for creating engagement and calling to action when it comes to using the Facebook Feed?

These are some examples of 3 different campaigns that are running right now on my Facebook feed.

We all wish we knew the magic formula. What is going to bring more business? Do I need to allocate a budget to get the results that I like?

Do I spend money in ads or do I spend money in getting more followers to like my Facebook page?

What is working? What are other businesses doing.

These are some examples of 3 different campaigns that are running right now on my Facebook feed.

Paid Advertising

Paid Ad in the Facebook Feed

Open Colleges is running a campaign on the Facebook Feed. They are promoting a Diploma in Marketing.
This company is paying advertising and they are targeting their audiences to people that might be interested in marketing.

Advertising from a personal account
Free Ad on Facebook for the feed

This is an example of a campaing that is running in Facebook just in the feed of a person (Terri Cooper) who has a lot of contacts in the industry.

This is a Facebook Marketing Campaing on a Business Page
Charity Organisations are using Facebook widely to create awareness and promote their fund raising campaigns. This image is the copy paste of a campaign of the NAtional Breas Cancer Foundation in Australia.

The cheapest option is definitely to do it from your own Facebook account but there are some points that have to be considered here:

1. Not all your contacts will be interested in the option that you have to offer. In fact, some of your friends might consider this as spam. Unless you have carefully accepted only people that would be interested in your business side. Even if you don’t care about what your friends say, it might not be very effective because if it is not relevant for them they are not going to like it and therefore there will be little engagement and viral advertising.

2. Ads that are paid don’t get as much interaction because people don’t like to be bombarded with ads. They tend to be ignored unless your advertising is very creative. If you have the budget and you know who you are targeting they might have some results since you are giving away information of what people might be interested in.

3. Getting a large number of followers for me is the best option because you are targeting the people that have selected to be part of your newsfeed. They want to know what you have to offer. The only thing here is that you have to be creative in show casting your content.

One important comment here is that Charity Organisations generate different reactions and behaviours from their followers because people like to contribute and support causes.

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Australian Tourism in Social Networks

I was reading an article today that says that Australia is the most followed global destination in Instagram. I decided to share with you what are the most popular social networks that Australia is using to promote tourism.

1. Twitter
Australia Tourism: Twitter page
With nearly 70,000 followers in Twitter Australia torusim informs about attractive destinations in their Twitter account with regular tweets.


2. Instagram

Australia PAge in Instagram

In Instagram Australia is the most popular destination with nearly 200,000 followers

3. Google +

Many organisations are struggling with getting the high numbers in the Google Social Network but Australia Tourism seems to be doing fine.

Australia Tourism is doing good with Google +

more than 200,000 followers follow Australia in the Google Social Network

Australia Tourism is also big in Facebook.   https://www.facebook.com/SeeAustralia
In Twitter: http://twitter.com/Australia

In Google+: https://plus.google.com/+australia/posts

EGlobal Travel Media reports that Australia is also using other Asian Social networks such as Weibo and Tudou

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Online Social Media Publications that are worth checking out regularly

Facebook PAge of MAshable
Mashable seems to be the leader for Social Media in terms of publications that have to be visited.
Find them on Facebook here:
Visit their website and see where else you can find them in Social Networks:

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Online Marketing Gurus

Online marketing gurus

Pam Moore is an online marketing guru

this a print screen of her facebook page with 6,000 likes

Find her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PamMooreMktgNut
Check out her blog: http://www.pammarketingnut.com/

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Profile and Cover Pictures that I liked on Facebook | Marketing Related Businesses

Facebook Marketing PAge

Facebook Marketing Page with more than 3,200,000 likes


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Facebook Pages of Australian Businesses 2013

These Australian Businesses have FB campaings up and running I like to record the progress of the campaigns on Facebook and come back a few months later to observe how well they are doing.

Clarks Australia
Shoe Brand – Clarks Australia

Facebook page of an Australian Business
Chicken retailer – Lenard’s chicken

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Examples of Suggested Posts on Facebook in Australia

I have been observing that there is now a ‘suggested post’ on top of all your post that appears on the first time of the day when you login to you Facebook account. I thought it was only once that you got that sponsored post but todya I have got 2 in less than 20 minutes.

Example 1.


Today I got a post from a social cause, it is Beyond Blue creating awareness of depression in a facebook campaign.

You can like it, share it, comment on it or click on it.

It looks like Beyond Blue is doing good on Facebook.

This is the message that they are sharing:

What do 2 million Australians have in common? Anxiety symptoms they don’t recognise. You have to know anxiety to be free from it. Please share so others can identify it and get help.

Examples of suggested posts in Facebook

It has got more than 7,000 likes, more than 400 comments and more than 3300 shares.

It looks like the YouTube Video that they are making viral is touching the hearts of the Aussies who are prepared to share and talk about it.

The video has been seen more than 100,000 times on YouTube. Beyond Blue has more than 111 videos uploaded and their YouTube Channel has only got around 1200 subscribers.

This is definitely a good example of how social media can be used to spread the word virally for a good cause.

The youtube channel of beyond blue is: https://www.youtube.com/user/beyondblueofficial?feature=watch and the facebook page is facebook.com/beyondblue

On March 25th, 2013 Beyond Blue shared that they reached the 100,000 likes on FB.

Example 2.


Clarks is having a sponsored post too, and it looks like they are doing good they are having a competition.

Their post goes like this:

Enter now for your chance to WIN a Pair of Shoes a Day from Clarks! http://on.fb.me/14odKcX or if on a mobile http://bit.ly/ZUW9k5 Good Luck!

Sponsored post on Facebook | Australian Example

2364 likes, 160 comments and 284 shares

Of course not as popular as the social causes but it still doing alright with their viral purposes.

It is interesting for this kind of campaign that they have a big picture with links on tiny URLs I have proven that these images are more likely to be liked but less likely to be clicked on. In this case maybe the offer of the chance to win a pair of shoes a day might be bringing up more likes.

15,000 + people follow Clarks Australia (VS 115,000 following Beyond Blue)

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Michelle Bridges is selling a $200 dollars membership subscription via Facebook

I have seen a couple of ads of Michelle Bridges on Facebook and I was curious about what she is doing. The fitness celebrity of The Biggest Loser is making a lot of money with a membership program that you can join directly from her FB page.

Have a look.

This is the ad and the facebook page.

Michelle Bridges Facebook page

If you click it sends you to the page where you can buy directly from her a membership to her program for around $200. The link to her 12 week body transformation program is:



Michelle has a page with more than half a million followers.

Michelle Bridges Facebook page

I can imagine how good this business is going, just think if only 5% of those followers have bought her susbscription how much money she is making :)

Michelle is paying ads but of course she is also getting the aid of being seen on TV every night.
The address of her page is: https://www.facebook.com/12wbt

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Lindt Campaign on Facebook is looking like a successful case story

Lind Campaing on Facebook is being succesful, we can see they have been paying ads but so far they have nearly 200,000 likes in their Australian Facebook page.

Lindt Facebook campaing is a success!

173,000 Australians are giving their support to this brand.

How popular are their posts?

In a special day one single post for mother’s day got 1000+ likes.

A popular post in Facebook Australia

40 comments so far this post and 264+ shares.

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